Welcome to Westlake Europe

As one of the world leading international automotive parts manufacturers Westlake places the highest priority on quality products. The company continuously strives for improved product quality, with ongoing investment in research and development in all sectors of the business.

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Our Products

Clutch Covers

Castings for Pressure plates are produced in our own factory from high quality cast iron produced in accordance with the requirements of BS1452 and DIN1619...

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Clutch Discs

Tests include overall plate parallelism, cushion deflection, compressed and relaxed thickness, spring rate and torque capacity/characteristics...

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Release Bearings

All release bearing components - Produced utilizing Japanese manufactured automatic heat treatment plant and computer tested against OE specifications...

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Brake Shoes & Pads

Exceptional performance, product life and brake component compatibility...

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New Products

Westlake now brings on the market 4 Pieces Clutch Kits. These kits offer the possibility to fully replace a failed DMF.

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